Antipod is a sans serif family designed with the stroke of the nib in mind. The early sketches were made with a reed pen and then stabilised to keep the specific junctions between verticals and horizontals shapes.

The design of the letters constantly balance between curves and inner sharp corners and the contrast of one is cohabiting with the other to give Antipod its specific design. When Antipod is set at small size its specific are almost unnoticeable but the text has a very particular type colour. And this specificity is useful when setting texts for display, to give your design a strong personality.

Each weight includes a set of extra glyphs to make your text settings more singular. It also comes with extended language support, tabular figures, fractions and more. It is suited for any work editorial design, signage, corporate as well as onscreen applications.

Kiwi ? Figue ? Débloquez vite ce pharynx, James

1-5 computers : 80€

10 000 pages/months

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