Aconit is a contemporary sans serif font family that uniquely blends elements of tech and Art Nouveau. It offers an extensive range of 10 weights, from the delicate Filament to the robust Bazooka, with each weight complemented by its italic variant. The family supports a broad spectrum of languages and includes a comprehensive set of arrows, making it incredibly versatile. Aconit is the perfect choice for graphic design and poster displays, offering a modern yet artistic touch. Its versatility extends to web applications, signage, video games, and printing, ensuring that it can meet the demands of various projects. Whether you’re aiming for sleek digital interfaces or striking print layouts, Aconit provides the ideal typographic solution, balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal.
Kiwi ? Figue ? Débloquez vite ce pharynx, James

1-5 computers : 160€

10 000 pages/months

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